Sparkle Weekend in Sackville Gardens

Posted on April 26, 2023

Sparkle Weekend logo

On 8th-10th July, Sparkle Weekend is taking place in Sackville Gardens, the start point of Treasure Hunt Manchester.

It will make clues 3 and 4 difficult or impossible to access.

The rest of the game is accessible and working.

If you decide to play you can type SKIP you’ll get the full score for those clues.

If you do decide to play, reply to the booking email we sent you and we’ll refund you 25% as a gesture of goodwill.

For more information, see Sparkle Weekend.

“We were recently in Manchester on a mini staycation and found this when we were looking for things that we could do.
It was great fun and a brilliant way to see Manchester at our own pace.”

—WoodsSquared, Tripadvisor

Telephone: 0161 375 1271
Text us: 07380 309380

The Grand Adventure starts from:
Piccadilly Station, Manchester, M1 2GH